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Stanage Edge, Peak District National Park
we also organise regular, seasonal, guided walks in Peak District National Park, UK
Stanage Edge Plantation, Peak District
Stanage Edge Plantation, Peak District
our cultures' drawing workshop people in nature drawing landscape
our cultures’ landscape drawing workshop
after a meditation workshop
after a meditation workshop
facilitated discussion after a film screening
facilitated discussion after a film screening
group photo of people our cultures
one of our regular film screenings which are about various cultures or religions

about us

Our Cultures helps people from different countries to understand each other better through visual communication and cross-cultural interactions to increase social cohesion and collaboration between diverse communities.

It promotes the culture and values of the majority to the ethnic minority communities and vice versa. It also stimulates cultural dialogues, mutual understanding and social integration between different ethnicities.

Our Cultures inspires cross-cultural interactions and helps minority ethnic groups to integrate and fully participate in society.

Furthermore, we work in partnership with other organisations to seek solutions to the barriers and problems encountered in interactions between different ethnic communities.

If you are interested about us that much that you are reading this you might also be interested in becoming one of our board members and help us to develop the organisation further. 

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Our Cultures is registered Community Interest Company in England and Wales 9935028