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Join us for a journey revealing facts not talked about in the mainstream and learn what we can all do to make our society a better place for all.


Equality is another educative series by Our Cultures.

Over the next six months (from September 2019 to April 2020) we’ll learn about some of the most unequal and some the most equal countries on the planet in the developed world in relation to income and the consequences of those disparities. The final month will be an evaluation of the whole series. We’ll aim to recognise the patterns which form cultures of greed and those which result in cultures of equality.

Every month a new country will be researched and its results publicised below.

At the beginning of every month an evening on equality will be held to go through the gathered research with you, then we will watch a documentary or a series of short films, after which a discussion will be held to share our opinions and ideas about the given country.

Check our events on its page and join us.

The researched countries and its data published on our pages are highlighted blue and will take you to the results of the research when clicked.

The initiative for this research came after we read a book by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson ‘The Spirit Level’ which highlights the pernicious effects that inequality has on societies. 

Kate and Richard are also founders of Equality Trust UK which is a registered charity that works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic and social inequality.

The three most unequal and the three most equal countries of the developed world in relation to income.

the most unequal



the most equal



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